We can all agree that minors are not adults and cannot make decisions on their own without some restrictions, but think about all the things they cannot do legally: Can’t drink alcohol, can’t get a tattoo, can’t jump out of a plane, can’t get married, can’t smoke, can’t, can’t, can’t! And once you are 18, you’re free!… to follow all these other rules, until you die.

“We make the laws, we’re the adults, so you’ll wait until you are 21 to do it, and don’t do it under my roof!” Adults are aware of the influence they have over minors. Adults are older, more educated (sometimes), so they make up the rules! Sounds an awful lot like our congress, right? They’re the ones that make it legal or illegal in the first place. They’re our real parents, voting bills into laws, debating whether or not America can get a tattoo. With the way things are going with our national debt, we won’t need permission; we’ll soon all have a government-issued tattoo stamped right on our ass that reads, “China.” They’ll leave out the words “made in,” but you can bet that somewhere on the tattoo gun it will say, “Made in China – We own you, bitches!”

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